Domain Contest – This One is Huge

DNXpert has a concocted a wild and crazy domain blogging contest that features prizes from some of the hottest web pros out there. Here’s the direct link. Prizes are listed below. Oh, by the way, did I mention the prize levels are 8k, last I read.

Here’s a partial list of the contest prizes:


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HostingCon 2007 is Over. Should I have gone?

HostingCon 2007 is over. I’ve heard mixed reactions and am wondering if I should go to one of these conventions. Should I go just because I love hosting? Somehow that doesn’t seem to be enough. Is there any meat there, stuff I can really learn to help become a better web hosting company? If anyone has the answer, please help.

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November Host Musings

There hasn’t been very much news to report this month. Bloggers keep on blogging, diggers keep on digging and hosters keep on hosting. However, I have noticed over the past several months that hosts have raised their bandwidth and in some cases disk allocation offerings. This is good news, although the concern when this happens is that hosts are overselling. But, who knows if they are really overselling? Perhaps they are using clustering network technology which can balance and adjust. Hey, I never said I was an expert in hosting, just that I love the subject. Thoughts?

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The Future Of Next Generation Weblogs

by bas 

In the earlier days having a blog previous an instant hit. Society atlas embraced writing web logs accrue the beginning, did comprehend a lot of extra exposure. Advanced the mass is enjoyable on a train everywhere already left the gasoline station jarring time away back.

The success of the first blogs explained

The first blogs on the web i.e. non commercial and that one shot the first ingredient for their success. Second, web logs are quality assuage and can be made really easy. As we all know search engines occur Google really love good gratification. The first blogs could be on top of search results in mayor search engines do like Google in a matter of days, where other (big) websites struggled to work out the same result in years. This could happen because web logs contain loads of idea over is clannish to quality alleviate. Other traditional websites mutated their sites with tricks that did not compete with the awesome power of blogs: honest quality measure. (more…)

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How changes in the web hosting end user market will affect your business

by Rodney Ringler 

One of the hardest tasks facing any web hosting company is stumbling on a winning formula that drives sales and accelerates company growth through a healthy cash flow. Some hosts arrive at this stage with a rough idea of the ingredients used in their recipe however rarely are they able to pinpoint the exact reason. A multitude of reasons and factors contribute to the success of an individual hosting company’ success and once you have a vague idea of the factors which have made a positive effect on your business, it’s hard not to blindly repeat those practices in the hope of continued success.

What this article aims to do is explore some of the recent changes in the hosting market, the behavioural pattern of consumers and predict trends which can be used to examine your current practices. If you have a clearer idea of ‘why’ something you are doing is successful, you can be confident in being able to adapt the way you do things when the underlying factors change. Stumbling through with no idea of why you are currently successful can only lead to pure frustration when what used to work to perfection suddenly starts to yield drastically poor results instead. (more…)

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4 steps away from your own website

 by Josh Green

In the last decade, the Internet has become one of the most important and effective platforms in which to promote yourself and your products. But if you’re not an experienced webmaster, getting such a project underway can seem a bit overwhelming. However, this article will show you how such a project can become both a fun and an enriching experience for anybody who wants to create his or hers own website. You will learn how to built and maintain a practical and efficient website for all your visitors to enjoy. (more…)

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A Growing Industry

Web Hosting Thought for the day…

Web Hosting is a growing industry

With [site some statistic here that I don’t have and don’t need because everyone knows that massive numbers of web sites are coming online each day] sites coming online every day, how can web hosting not be one of the hottest growth industries out there? Where are you going to put all those sites?

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